Music & Movement

ILRC offers Music and Movement Fitness Class – a fun workout program for individuals with all types of disabilities, both permanent and temporary. Music and Movement Fitness Class is about having fun and exercising with others. The exercise class is customized to your ability, including how to exercise from a sitting position.

Arts & Crafts

Learn how to sew, paint, draw, and do wood-burning for free! Join ILRC’s weekly Arts & Crafts Class!

Leadership Training

Leaders are not born, they are made. Learn basic leadership skills such as what it takes to be a leader and the most important duties of a leader.

Cooking Class

For people with little to no cooking experience. Learn basic cooking skills, safety in the kitchen, and healthy eating habits.

Computer Skills

Use the computers at your leisure or schedule a time with an IL Services advocate. Improve your basic computer skills such as keyboarding, Internet browsing, and Microsoft Office.

Budget Training

Need help to balance your checkbook? Can’t figure out why there’s too much month at the end of your money? Call an advocate to set up a time to create a personal budget.