The Goal

As part of the Independent Living Resource Center, Greater Expectation’s mission is to become a catalyst for growth and opportunities for individuals ages 15 and up on the autism spectrum and other developmental differences. Personalized visions and goals are developed by using evidence-based practices and a team approach with parents/caregivers.

Comprehensively, this information is folded into an individualized plan and is the starting point for each individual. Within an environment of structure and support, our highly qualified staff facilitate:

  • Work Skill Acquisition
  • Social Connections and Relationships
  • Advocacy

Ultimately, each individual is set up to experience a much more fulfilling, and gratifying quality of life.

How Do We Help?

ILRC provides assistance in locating resources, whether internal or external, to people with disabilities. We work with individuals, their families and caregivers to help them choose the options that are bet for them. We believe that people with disabilities are in the best position to know what kind of services and help they need to live independently.
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What Makes Us Different

After more than 18 years in the field of speech-language pathology and working with individuals with learning differences, we have designed a program that targets the core issues that keep individuals from connecting with others and preventing them from establishing quality of life.

These challenges are directly related to impaired social thinking abilities. In turn, this also affects higher executive functioning skills and together hinders confidence and success. Therefore, our program layout encompasses three core areas that are helping our individuals succeed.

How It Works

Prior to starting our program, each individual/caregiver will:

  • Complete the Case History/Intake forms
  • Have an informal “Meet & Greet” meeting with staff
  • Participate in a 2-hour required “Rapport” building time on site
  • Complete an initial assessment
  • Complete the Parent/Caregiver Involvement Information Form

Once all the above items are completed, it will be determined by the staff if the program is suitable for the individual.

Our Steps

  • Step 1: Greater Expectations

    This program has 3 levels and begins by addressing the following areas:


    • Relationships/Friendships
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Self-Regulation/Self-Awareness
    • Perceptions/Inferences


    • Building Self-Esteem
    • Understanding ASD/DD
    • Advocating for Self
    • Effective Communication
    • Problem Solving


    • Planning for the Future
    • Time Management
    • Effective Task Execution/Completion


    • Independent Living (managing daily organizational needs; appointments, schedules, etc.)
    • Self-Care (hygiene, etc.)
    • Home Management (maintaining a comfortable and clean living space)
  • Step 2: Connections Club

    Once established into the Greater Expectations program, the individual is integrated into our Connection Club groups. This allows them to apply skills obtained and studied in the Greater Expectations program into real situations with other individuals facing the same challenges. Research states if we have a real experience with another person, this allows the brain to retain the skills and relate it back to a meaningful memory.

    The Connections Club groups provide applicable experiences in structured work settings, which in turn facilitates meaningful connections. We meet as social groups to further work on the foundations of social thinking, life skills, effective communication, advocacy and organizational skills. These groups are also designed to help individuals build stronger relationships while having the opportunity to engage in enjoyable events.

  • Step 3: Autism Avenue Gift Shoppe

    Finally, each individual has the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the Greater Expectations program, practiced in Connections Club groups and generalized into a real, public work setting at Autism Avenue Gift Shoppe, where they serve as an apprentice.

    Autism Avenue is a one of a kind retail shop with a mission to provide a structured work environment that delivers a platform for job training and real world experiences for young adults on the autism spectrum and other developmental differences. Autism Avenue Gift Shoppe is the final step of the multi-level Greater Expectations program.

    Autism Avenue seeks to provide an uncommon shopping experience while serving as a stepping stone towards each individual’s life goals beyond the program. Autism Avenue is their opportunity to generalize skills while improving social connections and building self-esteem.

    When visiting our shop, you will find a variety of informational books and therapy materials! These items address sensory seeking needs (i.e. chewing, fidgets, calming, etc.) and adaptive feeding materials (i.e. utensils, plates/bowls, cups, etc.). We also carry awareness items such as necklaces, bracelets, lapel pins, t-shirts, etc., for those wanting to promote awareness in the community. Other merchandise found within the shop includes unique gift ideas for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, holiday gift ideas and more!

    At Autism Avenue Gift Shoppe, 100% of each purchase goes back to support the
    Greater Expectations program. Autism Avenue provides great shopping with a greater cause!

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