WDRA Meeting

Wichita Disability Rights Advocates (WDRA) is an advocacy group that meets at ILRC the 1st Thursday of the month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the ILCR activity room. WDRA focus on civil rights issues for persons with disabilities in our community. WDRA schedules an additional meeting monthly with the focus on outreach. The outreach activity varies from fun field trips to meetings at the State Capitol. WDRA raises to pay for outings in the community such as day trips to museums and other fun adventures. WDRA hosts educational meetings where members learn about community resources and member focused educational topics.

Peer Support

It’s a group of people with all types of disabilities that come together to discuss their lives, their joys, their worries and be a positive support for one another. Everyone needs help and gets stuck from time to time. Just talking to other people in the same shoes helps, plus…attending is fun!

DA4A Meeting

Disability Advocates 4 Action (DA4A) is a group of concerned citizens who come together to talk about and take action on issues that people with disabilities face. Issues include transportation, housing, public policy, and legislation that affects people with disabilities.