Effective Monday August 10, 2020 - ILRC Doors locked to the public
This policy will be in effect until further notice decided by ILRC management.
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ILRC COVID-19 Updates

ILRC COVID-19 Updates

Effective Monday, August 10, 2020 ILRC Doors Locked to the Public

With the continued spike with the COVID-19 virus ILRC’s doors will continue to be locked to the public until further notice decided by ILRC management.

Staff are here working behind the scenes but in order to help protect them and you, we feel it is necessary to take this action to help stop the spread of the virus. Please read below to see how to let us continue to serve you.

If you are a Vendor coming in to provide services, services, please use the intercom button on the wall to your right to let the receptionist know who you are and why you are here, and she will assist you.

For FMS Services – if you are hiring (a direct support worker) someone to work for you in your home, and you are needing a new hire packet, you can go to our website to download the packet and print it out, fill it out and drop if off in the Timesheet Green Drop off box located under our front entrance canopy. If you do not know what packet you need, use the intercom button on the wall to your right and we will work with you to select the right packet from our website under the payroll services tab for you to print out and fill out or to schedule a time with us for you to pick up the packet or to have it mailed or emailed or faxed to you. You can return it to us by email to swickery@ilrcks.org or mail or fax it to use at 316-670-1424.

Correction Timesheets – If you are needing correction timesheets for the time you worked – they are available in the box outside under the timesheet green drop off box under the canopy. It is titled Timesheets. Once you fill it out, put it in the Green timesheet drop off box or email it so us to bhiebert@ilrcks.org or fax it to us at 316-942-2078.

Client Obligations Payments – If you have a Client Obligation payment to make, we ask that you put it in the Green Timesheet Drop Box, unless you are paying by cash, then call us at 942-6300 to make an appt. to pay.

Medical Equipment – If you are wanting to drop off medical equipment or wanting to pick up an item, please call the Receptionist at 942-6300 and she will assist you in the procedure how to do this.

We are sorry for the inconveniences, but it is important to keep everyone safe during this time. Thank you.

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