ADA Compliance Solutions That Work for Your Business

Our aim is to help businesses and other organizations ensure that their facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We provide individualized on-site consulting services to give you an accurate assessment of your needs.

We’ll work with you to solve your accessibility issues, including building and parking access; modifications; reasonable accommodations; design consultants; new and existing structures; employment issues; and service animal issues that make your business more accessible.

Since 1998, Independent Living Resource Center has provided ADA consultations to businesses and organizations in our community. We strive to help you find cost-effective compliance solutions. We only recommend solutions that work for your customers, but make sure those solutions are cost-effective.

The Best Solutions for Your Compliance Needs

Our ADA compliance services staff working with your business are either ADA certified or are working toward certification. We provide you with the most accurate interpretation of regulations available and strive to assure that you meet the needs of your customers.

Custom Solutions

We work to ensure your business has access to the most reliable and reasonable compliance solutions.

Affordable Solutions

Our services are not only affordable, but our ADA consultants will provide you with assistance to make sure your business is fully ADA compliant. We provide both hard copies and digital copies of our findings as well as ongoing consultations.

For an estimation, please contact us.